How to Use Project Status Report Template

The one page project status report template has following sections-

The status report is divided into 5 sections which cover the critical aspects of a project -

  • Project Summary,
  • Key Phases or Schedule,
  • Tasks information,
  • Project Budget,
  • Project Risks and issues.

Now let us see in detail one by one all these sections and how to use -

Project Summary - 

  • Before actual summary of project, it is necessary to mention project details like its name, Project Code and Project Manager.
  • Once these information are clear now project summary gives an update on project.
  • Summary should be short update on terms like issues in project, risks and dependencies, project milestone, etc,.

Key Phases or Schedule Section -

  • This section is further divided into 4 columns.
  • Phase name - Project phase name
  • Progress - What is the progress of the phase. In this template it is measured in % complete.
  • Status - Status of the key phase which is displayed in RAG format.There is a drop down to select and different colors to indicate status.
  • Finish - The finish date of the key phase.

Tasks Section -

  • This section updates the project manager with the status of the tasks by having 3 columns tasks completed, task delayed and task planned.

Budget Section-

  • This section updates the project manager with the financial status of project. Further it is divided into 3 columns Item description, Forecast and Actual.
  • The template auto highlights the cell value if the actual amount is greater than forecast
  • Total value is calculated at bottom.

Risks and Issues section -

  • This section captures the issue and risk that are for project.