How to use Root Cause Analysis Template

Follow the below steps to start using the Root cause Analysis Template

The root cause analysis template helps to capture all the key information related to an event or issue.

This template has following section

Event: Mention name of the event. Keep it short and nice

Date and Time: specify the date and time when event occurred. If multiple times mention all the time.

Impact Assessment:

  • Enter the impact issue had on business in detail.
  • Mention the priority of the Impact in respective column.

Action Item:

  • Specify the action item no.
  • Write the description of the action item and mention name of owner and their role in respective column.

Residual Risk:

  • Specify the Risk no. and description of the risk on the project.
  • Mention the rating of the risk in respective column.

Analysis approach: Write the analysis of project in detail in respective column.