How to use the Action Item Tracker Template

Follow the below steps start using the Action Item Tracker Template:

The first step in using the template is to list the action items' details and then use the template to track the action item's status regularly.

The Template has 2 tabs Action Item and Closed Action Item (Auto updated).

Action Item:

  • Enter the action id, date opened and action items in respective columns in the template.
  • Enter the Priority of the action item. (i.e, High, Medium Low)
  • Enter the Due date on which date the action Item needs to complete.
  • update the how much % action item is completed in the % completed the column.
  • Update the status of the action Items i.e: Completed, In Progress, On Hold, Cancelled, Not started.
  • Enter the completion date of the action item if the task is completed.
  • Enter brief comments/notes if the action items are not completed on the targeted date. Keep the comment as short as possible.
  • Refresh Button-when we click the refresh button then all the completed action items will move to the closed Actions Items tab.

Closed Action Item (Auto updated):

  • Displays all completed action items.
  • When we click the refresh button in the Action item tab then all the completed tasks will display in the Closed Actions Items tab.

Download Action Item Tracker Template