How to use the Daily Work Log Template

Follow the below steps to start using the Daily work Log Template

The daily work Log template calculates how many hours were needed to complete a certain task; a work log needs to fill in by each team member.

This template has the following sections

  • Time: capture the time of the task
  • Description: Describe the task in this column.
  • Type: Select the type of the task from the drop-down list in the field i.e. Project, BAU, Support, Meetings
  • Time spent: Specify the time spent on the task.
  • Create New work Log Button: One-click button to create a fresh new log every day. Validates to ensure there is no duplicate worksheet for the same day.
  • Today (): Auto updated as per your system or machine date that you are using to update.
  • Total (Auto Updated): Displays the total time taken to complete all the tasks.
  • Categories (Auto updated): the breakdown of the time spent on each of the task types.