How to use the Multiple Project Status Report Excel

Follow the below steps to start using the Multiple Project Status Report Template

Multiple Project Status Report template enables a project manager to report up to 5 Projects in one go and can be modified to add more projects.

This template has the following sections

  • Portfolio Delivery Roadmap
  • Portfolio Status
  • Portfolio Financials
  • Project Status

Portfolio Delivery Roadmap:

  • The Delivery Roadmap captures a high-level view of when the project will be delivered.
  • Enter the exact date for the delivery and use different colors so that people can easily distinguish between the projects.

Portfolio status:

  • Portfolio Status captures the information about the KPIs for all the projects.
  • Select each project Status (Red, Green, Amber) for schedule, Budget, Resources, and Risks.
  • You need to add colors manually in the table as per the status.

Portfolio Financials:

  • This table captures the Budget information about all the individual projects.
  • For each Project Enter Planned cost, Actual cost, forecast. Variance is auto populated.
  • The individual project budgets are then rolled up into the portfolio level budget this is auto populated.

 Project status:

  • Enter the individual project Status in the respective section.
  • Enter the Project Name, Phase of the Project, Start and End date in the respective column.
  • Update the % of Progress of the project phase.
  • Select the Status of the Project phase from the dropdown list i.e., On the track or Concern or Delayed or Pending.
  • Risks, Issues, Dependencies, and Concerns is a general section which can be used to detail different risks or issues the project is facing. Each of the items can be marked as on the track, delayed, or concern.