How to use the Program Status Report Template

Follow the below steps to start using the Program Status Report

The Program status report template is designed to cover the multiple projects helps the program manager like tool for status reporting for all the projects in the program.

This template has Four Sections

  • Program status
  • Risk/Issues(Auto Populated)
  • Budget
  • Risks/Issues

Program Status

  • Enter the Projects/Initiative in the respective column.
  • For each of the projects, it reports schedule, budget, resourcing, change management, and overall status. (Semi-populated)
  • Update the delivery date of each Project
  • Add the comments for each project if required.


  • Capture the overall Risks of all the project with priority ie, High , Medium, Low


  • The template reports the budget for different categories.  Template report up to 6 different categories.
  • For each category there is planned and actual, The planned cost is the estimate that you have when you start the project. The actual budget is the amount which is already spent


  • Enter the important and issues which you need to highlight.