How to use the Project Charter Template PPT

Follow the below steps to start using the Project Charter Template

The project charter is the key document in the initiation phase of the project

This template has the following sections:

  • Project Title: Specify the Name of the project
  • Project Start and End date: Mention the timeline of the project by specifying the Start and End date.
  • Project Manager: Mention the name of the Project Manager who has the authority to execute the project.
  • Business Need: Brief the Project need which will help to understand and specify why the project being undertaken
  • Project Scope: captures the activities that are in the scope of the project and also items that are out of scope be mentioned in the field to set the clear expectation.
  • Deliverables: Specify deliverables/goals that are expected to be achieved by this project.
  • Risks and Issues: Specify the Major risks and issues in this field,
  • Assumption and Dependencies: specify Project activities that are dependent on each other need to be clearly stated in this field.
  • Milestone and schedule: Captures  the major milestones the project aims to accomplish and the target completion date for each milestone
  • Budget/Financials: specifies the cost that will be incurred to undertake this project
  • Project Team: List the members required to work on the project.
  • Approval Committee: This captures  a set of approvers which includes the sponsor and other stakeholders