How to Use the Project Dashboard Excel Template

Before we go in detail about this template we need to know that this template has two tabs. Te two tabs are dashboard and data.

Dashboard -

Dashboard has the actual status with timeline and graphs. Data has all the fields to be entered so that the graphs work on the dashboard.

Data Sheet -

We will go in details on how to use the data sheet of this template. Once the data is ready it is easy on the dashboard and all graphs work. 

  1. Schedule section - The data sheet has a Schedule section which have all task details. You can list as many as tasks with their task name, start, end and duration. The duration is auto calculated from the template. 
  2. Task Information - As name state that it has all information about tasks. It consists of 3 components - On the track, Delayed and Not started. You should be able to get this information from your plan.
  3. Budget Information - All the information about budget goes in this section. Budget should be necessarily on monthly basis. This Budget section have planned and actual budget columns to maintain.
  4. Risks and Issues - These two are separate sections maintaining the count of high, medium and low risk and issues respectively. 
  5. Decisions, Actions, and Change - This section requests have information about pending decisions, action and change requests.
  6. Project Status - This section is used to display overall project status on the dashboard.