How to use the Project Management Task Tracker

Follow the below steps to start using the Project Management Task Tracker

This template has two tabs Tasks list and Data.

Tasks List Tab:

This tab has two section Tasks and Dashboard


  • Task indicator(i) Auto Populated- If the task indicator is RED then the task is due today or overdue.
  • If AMBER, then the task is due in next 3 days. If the GREEN that means task is due beyond next 3 days.
  • Enter the Description of task and Project for each task.
  • Update the Priority and status of each task from Drop-down list in the field.
  • Enter the due date for each task, Template sorts the tasks based on due date.


  • Dashboard Displays No. of tasks open, How many critical, High, and Medium
  • A Bar Chart Displays the total tasks of open for Each Project
  • Task calendar which shows an overview for the next 10 days.

Data Tab:

There are two tables in this tab, all the tables are auto Populated

Enter the Projects in the project column.