How to use the Project Status Report Template PPT

Follow the below steps to start using the Project Status Report Template.

This template has four key sections.

  1. Project Summary.
  2. Project Timeline
  3. 4 basic parameters- Schedule, Budget, Risks, and Benefits.
  4. Risks and Issue

 Project Summary:

  • Mention the basic information like Project Name, Name of the Project Manager, and Status date.
  • In the project commentary brief, the key summary is short and crisp.

Project Timeline:

  • The project Timeline has a scale in the months which can be changed as per your requirement.
  • There are the blocks or phase which can be moved as per the project Schedule.
  • Depending on the status of the project phases the color should be changed. i.e, RED-Risk, Amber, and Green- all is good.
  • The blue dotted line indicates today’s date. And it gives the idea about where we are in the project.
  • This timeline gives a rough idea about the schedule.

 4 Key parameters-Schedule, Budget, Risks, and Benefits

  • Schedule: Specify the quick update in the project schedule.
  • Budget: Mention the actual and planned budget of the project. but additional details can be added.
  • Risks: specify the No. of new Risks, Total High risks which are open, Total Medium Risks which are open and Total Risks which are open.
  • Benefits: Indicates if the project benefit is on track.

Project Risks and Issue:

  • List the Project risks and issues details, the top 2 or 3 risks or issues affecting the project
  • To start with [Risk] or [Issue] indicator will tell everyone if the item is a risk or issue.
  • Update the status of the risks and issues which are open and closed.
  • Specify the Responsible person's name for finding a resolution to the risk or issue.
  • Mention the due date to indicate by which date the risk or issue should be solved.