How to use the Team Status Report Dashboard

Follow the below steps to start using the Task Status report dashboard

Task status Report dashboard helps to effectively communicate the status of the tasks for the team.

This template has the 5 following sections

  • Mention team name with the date at the top right side of the template
  • Task Completed this week: Enter the Task completed by the team for a week.
  • Tasks Planned for Next week: Specify the Planned task for the next week.
  • Other key update/Highlights: The key updates can be used to highlight team issues, leave plans, general news, etc,
  • Project Allocation (Auto updated): Captures the no. of tasks allocated with project Name. there are two graphs one graph represents last week's Project allocation and another graph represents the next two-week project allocation.
  • Resource Allocation: Resource allocation covers for 3 weeks. The current week and next 2 weeks.