How to use this template

The first step in using the template is to set up your project information and then use the template to track the project on a regular basis.

The template has the following key sections -

  • Task tracker (semi-automated)
  • Milestones & key dates
  • Task meter (auto-updated)
  • Resource workload (auto-updated)
  • Top 5 risks & issues (semi-automated)
  • Open Action & Change Requests (semi-automated)
  • Notes & To-Do List (semi automated)
  • Data section 

Task Tracker Section

  • The task tracker is the key section of the template.
  • Enter a task name, Owner, Start Date & Duration.
  • The template will auto-populate end date, forecast & status.
  • End date is calculated by adding duration to start date.
  • The Forecast is the expected progress. So, this will show % that the tasks should have progressed to date.
  • Status is auto-populated with green, amber & red depending on the task status. 
  • If the task is on track, then the status is green. If the task is up to 5% behind then, the status is amber. If the task is delayed by more than 5% the status is red.   

As you progress with the project, you will need to update the Actual column, which is the % progress done so far for the project.

Milestones & Key Dates

  • In this section, you should capture your key project stage gates. Examples of this are Go Live, Funding Sign off, testing complete, etc.
  • In the first column in the description, then status and end date. For status you can select On Track (green), Concern (amber) & Delayed (red).

Task Meter and Resource Workload

  • Task meter shows the status of the tasks & resource meter shows the resources' workload in hours. 
  • Both these sections are auto-updated. 

Top 5 risks/issues & actions/changes

  • Risks/issues section is to capture the current open risks / issues. 
  • The actions/change is a general section to capture actions/changes.
  • Both these sections capture description, Owner & Status. The owner is the individual who owns this task. 
  • For status, you can select On Track (green), Concern (amber) & Delayed (red).

Notes / To Do

Capture your to-do/notes with a due date. The task will be highlighted when the due date is passed.  

Data Tab

Resource names should be created here. Creating resource names here will populate the name in the drop-down in the tasks section.