Issue Log Template Excel

Having a project issue log template to capture issues is very essential to ensure that all  the information is captured and all the information is stored in a central location.

Issue Log Template
Issue Log Template

Issue Log or Register Template Excel

  • Using the issue log template enforces consistency in the project.
  • The issue log can be used for Project Issue tracking, Project Defect tracking and Issue Tracking in a team.
  • Captures all the key information required for decision making and tracking.
  • Contains a summary section which gives a high level view of issues count.
  • Conditional formatting in the log to highlight high priority issues.
  • Excel based Issue Log Template is free to download and use.

Issue Log Template
Issues Log Excel Template

Fields in the Excel Issue Log Template

  • Sl No - An incremental unique number for each issue in the log.
  • Issue Title - A small title for the issue. Examples are "Resourcing Issue", "Login Issue", " Token Issue".
  • Issue Description - A detailed description of the issue.
  • Reported On and Reported By - Date when the issue was reported and who it was reported by.
  • Owner - The person to whom the issue is assigned.
  • Severity - Can be one of the following values Critical, High, Medium and Low. Severity of an issue in the measure of the impact that the issue has.
  • Priority - Can be Urgent, High, Medium or Low. The Priority defines how fast this issue should be fixed. 
  • Status - Status can be New, WIP, Closed or On Hold
  • New status should be used when the issue is new and no work has started on it yet. 
  • WIP is Work In Progress and should be used for issues which are being worked on. 
  • On Hold status is for issues which have been put on hold for some reason. 
  • Closed should be used for issues which are fully closed.
  • Comments - A free form text field which can be used for variety of reasons. It can be used for adding status updates, mention any road blocks or dependencies.
Issues Register Excel Template Free Download
Issues Summary 

Tips when using the Excel Project Issue Log Template

  • Update the issue register or log as soon as the issue is reported. 
  • You can populate partial information to start with and then at a later time add detailed information. You can start by adding only the heading to the log.
  • Be sure the correct severity and priority are reported. If in doubt then question the information reported.
  • Always keep the issues log sorted so that people can find the information they are looking for.
  • Book a regular meeting to review the issues log. This can also be discussed in the weekly project meeting.
  • Publish the issues list regularly. If the issues have to be tracked for a short period then you can send it daily. If the project is long then you can publish it weekly.
  • It is a good practice to report the top 3 or 4 issues from the issues log in the project status report.
  • The summary section can be pasted directly into the body of the email which will be used to publish the issue register.
  • If any critical or urgent issue is reported then it is good idea to send an email to the key project stakeholders.

Download the Free Excel Issues Register

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