Project Status Report Template

What is a Project Status Report ?

A project status report is a document which gives a point in time report of various KPIs for a project. It is a document which is sent to key stakeholders. Sending regular status reports is important for stakeholder management. A project status report contains information of how various aspects of a project are going. Status for Project Schedule, Budget, Risks, Issues and Changes are common KPIs reported. A status report can be a document or an online report published at a fixed interval mostly weekly.

Benefits of having a Project Status Report

The key benefit of a status update is that it captures that key KPI of the project at a given time. There are also other benefits of regular status reporting -

Benefits of having a Project Status Report
Benefits of having a Project Status Report

  1. On a day to day basis a PM has to keep everyone related to the project informed. This includes stakeholders, sponsors, managers and the project teams. A status report is very useful tool to keep everyone informed.
  2. One of the key challenges for any project manager is to manage stakeholders expectations. One of the effective ways of managing is expectations is to communicate. A project status report gives the ability for a project manager to communicate with stakeholders on a regular basis. 
  3. A regular checkpoint for the project managers. As project status updates are to be sent on regular basis they act as a check point for project managers. As reports have all the key KPI it forces the project managers to look at the content like schedule, risks, issues, change etc. For example a PM might realize there is an important open action item or a risk has not been documented. 
  4. Status Updates are avenues for PMs to raise issues or concerns. Project Managers have complete autonomy over project status reports. They can raise issues or concerns in the status report which they generally cannot raise face to face or are tough issues.
  5. Provide an audit trail of the project progressed. As reports are sent regularly and they capture the status at that point in time it is easy to track back on different events by looking at the previous status reports.

What information should a good status report contain?

To make a status report effective it is important that it contains the right information. While it is normal for people to have status specific to their projects or business there are some fundamental project elements that should be included.
  1. Project Schedule - This can be a set of dates or a timeline which shows when is the project expected to start, complete and where in the project are you currently. You can use a miniature version of your Gantt Chart or use a table with start and end date.
  2. Project Budget - This is a second most important KPI for any project. A lot of people are interested to know if the project is under or over budget. Senior management are very keen on this KPI. Also, project budget is one aspect which does not very difficult to fix if it goes out of track. 
  3. Project Risks and Issues - The first thing people want to know is what is not going well. Project Risks and Issues give that information to the readers. A risk will be eventually become an issue if there is mitigation in place. It is important to show the key risks and issues so that everyone knows where the problems are.
  4. Actions Items - Again an important aspect of any project. If action items are not tracked or get delayed then there will be an impact on the projects. Status reports provides an mechanism for sending reminders.
  5. Change Requests - One of the challenges with projects is to manage the scope. Reporting on the change requests open will give the readers an idea as to how much change is being thrown at the project team.
  6. A free from summary - This is one of my favorite field as a PM can use this field to describe the current project status. A summary section can also be used to provide a high level status of the project.

Importance of Traffic Lights (RAG statues) in Status Reporting

Discussion on status reporting is incomplete without talking about traffic lights. While we report on many aspects of a project the indicator to know how things are doing by looking at traffic light associated with the KPI.

Status reporting is similar to real life scenario of stopping, slowing or starting at a traffic stop. When a KPI is reported as green then it means all good, when the KPI is amber then means things are slowing down and may derail, red means things have derailed and work needs to happen things back on track. Sometimes a fourth color to indicate no change is also used.

There is also an overall project status which indicates how the overall project is going. The overall status is calculated from individual statues of KPIs. So, if two ore more KPIs are red then the whole project can be marked red. If all the KPIs are amber then the project can be red. These rules can be defined at a team or company level by the PMO.

Types of Project Status Reports
Types of Project Status Reports

What are the different types of Status Reports?

Typically, there are a few types of status reports. Weekly Status Report, Monthly Status Report , Client Status Report and Email Status Update. Depending on your need you can use the type of status report required.
  • Weekly Status Report - Most common type of status report. Sent every week, mostly either starting of the week or end of week. Has only incremental updates from last week.
  • Monthly Status Report - A detailed version of the weekly report. Used for senior management and project control boards. Has detailed information on all the KPIs and in some cases can have a detailed log. For example the monthly report will have all the risks the project has or it will contain all the change requests which are open. 
  • Client Status Report - This can be a combination of the weekly and monthly status reports. But in some cases the information can be limited depending on what the client needs to know. Also, this needs to be a pretty report as it will go to the clients.
  • Email Status Update (Daily) - Another common type of update. This is a daily status update which can be very few lines or a simple table of tasks. Examples are daily QA status report or Outstanding Task Report.

Project Status Report Templates

On our site we have a wide variety of status reports. We have templates designed in word, excel, powerpoint and MS Project. We also have program status reports and monthly reports which allow to report on multiple projects in detail. Also, included are templates for email updates.

One Page Project Status Report Template

one page project status report template, project status report template
One Page Project Status Report Template

I have used Microsoft Word but you can use whatever document format you prefer. I have divided the report into 4 sections. Project Details and Summary Update, Project Key Parameters, Project Schedule and Risks/Issues. Download One Page Project Status Report Template.

Excel Project Status Report Template

excel status report, project status report template excel, project update template
Excel Status Report
In today's work culture where people do multitasking and work on different projects it is important that the information presented be precise and simple to read. Download Excel Project Status Report Template.

Project Status Report PPT Template

project status report template ppt, project progress report template
Project Status Report PPT Template
Using PowerPoint for status reports gives additional flexibility to make the status report more informative. The PPT template has 4 key sections - Summary, Timeline, 4 basic parameters and risks/issues section. As it is made in power point you can combine several projects status report into one presentation to report on multiple projects. Download One Page PowerPoint Status Report Template.

Monthly Project Status Report Template

monthly project status report template, project progress report template
Monthly Project Status Report Template
The detailed monthly update template can be used to provide a comprehensive report to the project team, business stakeholders, sponsors or project. The detailed update covers the project team, project health card, schedule, financials, risks and decisions. It is a good fit for monthly project updates. Download Monthly Project Status PPT Report.

Status Reporting with MS Project

one page ms project report, microsoft project dashboard templates
One Page MS Project Report
Preparing a status report with word or excel takes time as you will have to gather the relevant information and then update the report. It also takes time as you need to ensure that the content is right and you have covered all aspects of the report. Download the One Page Project Status Report MPP.

Weekly Status Report Excel Format

weekly status report template, weekly status report excel
Weekly Status Report

The weekly status report has sections which allow project managers to capture more details. Download the Excel Status Report. This report covers all the details of a project. This a different report as it shows the status in a vertical fashion.

Multiple Project Status Report Template

multiple project report template, multiple project status report template
Multiple Project Status Report Template

Download the Multiple Project Status Report.This multiple status template can be used to report on multiple projects. The dashboards has a portfolio section which can be used to report at a portfolio level and it also allows reporting on individual project levels.

Program Status Report Template

Managing a program and multiple projects can be a challenging task. In addition to managing all the projects a program manager needs to have an effective tool for status reporting for all the projects in the program. This template aims at giving a birds eye view of all the project within a program. Download Program Status Report Template.

Team Status Report Template

team status report template ppt
Team Status Report Template PPT

When managing a team it is good practice to send out a periodic status report for the team. This template allows a manager to report on team utilization, achievements, risks /issues faced and the upcoming milestones for the team. Download Team Status Report.

If you are looking at using email for project status update then it is recommended to see our Project Status Updates using Email. If you are looking for a daily status update excel or word template then have a look at Daily Status Update Excel Template.


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