Project Initiation Templates : 8 Free Downloads

Project Initiation phase gives a project manager the chance to setup the project for success. It is important that when the project starts the project manager and the team know what journey they are going to undertake. Below templates will help a project manager to setup the initiation phase.

1. Project Proposal Template a.k.a Project Initiation Document 

Project Initiation Document
Project Proposal Document
The project proposal document or project initiation document captures all the details about the project. The document then can be distributed among key stake holders for approval. The project proposal document contains details about the scope, schedule, benefits, budget, risks and other details.  Click Here to Download Project Proposal Document.

2. Project Kick Off PowerPoint Template

Project Kick Off PowerPoint Template
Project Kick Off Template

Having a project kick off is a crucial but effective step. The template contains the following slides - Introduction to the project, Project Deliverable, Project Team, Project Timeline, Communications Plan, Key Project Risks, Technical Contacts and Escalation Process, Project Closure Terms and Project Documentation. Click Here to Download Project Kick Off Template.

3. Project Budget Excel Template

4. Project  Brief Template

A Project Brief is an important document which is created at the start of a project and provides a clearly defined synopsis of a client’s requirements. Download the template for project brief.

Project  Brief Template
Project Brief Template

5. SOW Word Template

The Statement Of Work (SOW) document defines the goal, overall deliverable, and timeline of a project. In most countries it is a binding contract between the vendor and the client. Download SOW Word Template.

Statement Of Work
Statement Of Work

6. WBS Work Breakdown Structure Template

Use the WBS template to plan your projects tasks. Download Project WBS Template.

WBS Template
WBS Template

7. Project Charter Templates

Project Charter Template
Project Charter Template

8. RACI Template PPT and Excel Free Download

RACI Matrix Template in MS Excel and PPT explains roles and responsibilities with all the rules, definition and definitions.Download RACI Template.

RACI Matrix Template
RACI Matrix Template

A simple excel template to forecast and track project budget. Download Project Budget Excel Template and Project Cost Management.

Also see Project Benefits Calculation and Project Benefits examples, How to manage business requirements.


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