February 06, 2018

Program Status Report Template

Why do you need a program status report?

Managing a program and multiple projects can be a challenging task. In addition to handling all the projects, a program manager needs to have a useful tool for status reporting for all the projects in the program. This Program Status Report Template aims at giving a birds-eye view of all the project within a program.

Program Status Report Template, Program Status Report
Program Status Report Template

Program Status Report Template in Excel

An adequate program status should contain the critical KPI at a program level and also report the KPI at individual projects. When running a program it is also important to report the delivery date for individual projects.

The program status report template is designed to cover multiple projects. The template caters for program and project level. For each of the project, it reports schedule, budget, resourcing, change management, and overall status. The template also captures the delivery date for each of the projects. There is also an option to add any comments for each project.

At a program level the status report which reports on budget and risks/issues. The template reports budget for different categories. You can report up to 6 different categories. For each category, there is planned and actual. The planned cost is the estimate that you have when you start the project. The actual budget is the amount which is already spent. The risks/issues can be shown as an overall count and also capture important risks and issue which you need to highlight.

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