Work Breakdown Structure: How Does A Smart WBS Enhance the Performance of Your Project?

by Elina D

Work Breakdown Structure

Many questions arise regarding WBS in the mind of the people. What is the reason behind the need for creating a Work Breakdown Structure? What purpose does it serve? How can a sensible WBS enhances the productivity of Your project? Why should we waste our time writing on post-it notes and drawing charts once I might be getting my team started on the project's particular work?

Work Breakdown Structure, Work Breakdown Structure template

Work Breakdown Structure

Different advertising companies advertise several project management companies or project managers who can help the organization by getting hired in them to design the WBS, scope the statement, statement of purpose, statement of compliance of several projects for the smooth initiation and ending of the project.

So, to answer these above questions, let's take a look at what purpose the WBS serves our project and our project team.

Why Use a WBS In Project Management

Every advertising company wants to increase its efficiency and performance. Using the WBS in different projects and works can be a good way of increasing the project's overall productivity.

How WBS increases the productivity of the project -

  • Visual Representation: You don’t have to find anything because everything is already under one roof in front of your eyes.
  • Ongoing Management: You get to manage everything as per the needs of the project.
  • Breakdown of Activities: You can break down the work in an orderly manner without creating a fuss or any confusion for all the employees and people related to it.

Defining The Scope of Project Through WBS

Defining as well as organizing the project is very important. There are a proper structure and a hierarchy that needs to be considered without any ifs and buts. If you are not keeping everything right, the deliverables will not get affected in any possible manner. There are so many other advantages of a properly formulated structure for project management. This keeps everyone in the loop without fear that something will lack in the project. Please note that you can always make changes.

Benefits of WBS 

When it comes to the assignment of responsibilities, the WBS is of great importance. This is because it helps in allocating the project in a very efficient as well as effective manner. In this way, you can control your work and make sure that you are doing it correctly. Also, you can get an idea about if the task has got accomplished or not. In short, you can get every know-how of the project without having to face any ambiguity in one way or the other.

Here are some of the other benefits that can make it clear to us how important WBS is. So, let's take a look at that -

Budget calculation

You can easily calculate how much you will have to input into the project. This will help keep count of everything without getting scared that you will go out of your budget.

Project scheduling

Timing is mandatory no matter whether it is a small project or a big one. That is why you need to be very careful about the timing and the schedule of the project. Through a proper program, this problem can get eliminated straightforwardly.


Keeping track of everything is necessary, and through the programs, you can always know about the status of the project. Keep track of multiple projects is even more tedious and important, now this is done easily using our multiple project tracker templates.

Improved productivity

You need everything to be on one platform; you got it here. In this way, you will not have to go through many tabs to get know-how about the project.

Project organization

There are different steps that you have to carry out in every project. You have to start somewhere and end at a particular point. This can be made quite easy through the programs.

Project description

Not everybody may know the crux of your project, and you might not want it every time to disclose everything to everyone. The proper formulation of the project can help get good information about your project regarding the stakeholders.

This is not all. There is so much more than you can do with the help of WBS activities. If you want things to be organized manner for you, you should pick one for you to make things go smoothly.

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