Daily Status Report Template - Excel and Word Template

by Elina D

Daily Status Report

Many managers like to get daily status updates from their team members. The update must be brief so that it is easy to update and easy to ready. Typically, a manager wants to spend only a minute or two reading updates from a team member. In this article, I have included an Excel and Word template.

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Daily Status Report Template

11 Advantages of Sending The Daily Status Report

  • Your manager or project manager is aware of the task you have worked on or completed daily.
  • Using a status update, you can explain the issues you are facing at work.
  • Using a template allows you to construct your message right.
  • You can include additional notes like your upcoming leave or if you are leaving early.
  • A heads up to the manager about your upcoming tasks may prompt your manager to think about the tasks' priority.
  • Sending daily updates allows you to win others' confidence as you are transparent.
  • As you generally send an email, you will have an audit log of the daily updates you have sent.
  • Managers will know in advance what you plan to work on in the next few days.
  • Sending daily updates gives you a chance to talk about the delayed tasks.
  • You can also highlight dependencies that you have on other tasks in the template.
  • Making everyone aware of the issues, delays and dependencies makes your life easy as you pass on your stress to your managers !!!

Some Tips When Sending The Daily Status Report

  • It is important to send an update daily but also important to make sure it is read.
  • Always use an excel or a word template to send the status so that the information is consistent. Making it consistent will help in finding the information they need.
  • Send an email with the status update at the end of the day. It is easy to write the status when information is fresh in your mind. Delaying the status update may mean you might forget some key information.
  • Mark or highlight the text in bold or red if you want to emphasize some task.
  • Copy the Key Updates section and the in-progress section in your email body so that it is easy for people to read. You can still attach the entire status template to the email.
  • Always talk to people if the news or the status update in the email is bad. Sometimes telling people about the bad news in person has less negative impact than reading bad news in an email. (Recommended templates - Outlook Email Template for Project Managers).

How To Use The Daily Status Template

  • The excel template has basic name and date fields.
  • Use the Key Updates section in the template to highlight the tasks you are working on.
  • Keep the Key Update section as brief as possible. Many senior managers will read only this section.
  • Also, mention any issues that you are currently facing and, if possible, mark them in RED.
  • The task status has a few sections so that you can explain the current and upcoming tasks.
  • The In Progress section of the daily report template should have the task names you are working on. It is recommended that you include a % complete on your current tasks.
  • The upcoming should contain the tasks you plan to start next.
  • Delayed tasks should the task names and details if any of your tasks are delayed.
  • The other notes section can be used to report upcoming holidays or leave plans,

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