Software Test Plan Template

by Kishan Tambralli

Test Plan Definition

Software Test Plan Template can be defined as the documentation which illustrates an organized proposition of testing a specific system that can be a device, machine, or software. It consists of an elaborated understanding of all the functions and workflow of the system and documents planned to be carried out, how they will be tested to discover if the system works according to its specified design and requirement, to detect issues to determine its actual limitations.

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Software Test Plan Template

Highlights Regarding Test Plan Word Template

  • This test plan template can be used to document and share the testing approach to be undertaken and scopes that will include both in scope and out the scope for your organization's specified projects and teams.
  • Preparation of a test plan helps you to set expectancy with your stakeholders – regarding how your Testing team will undertake a project or program and all the activities they are going to perform in this phase.
  • More importantly, the Test Plan will also state what activities your team will not be performing during this phase.
  • Test Plans are included with test schedules, which helps the Stakeholders understand when they can expect to receive reports regarding the Testing progress and artifacts that will provide these updates.
  • Test Plans will help you reveal any misplaced elements by producing your views on the testing approach, scope, risks, mitigations, issues, etc., and a chance for others to review and add an additional requirement.
  • A proper Test Plan also helps you estimate and plan for appropriate efforts and resource management across all your team projects.

Guidelines on Test Plan Preparation

Write the Introduction

The introduction works as the executive summary” of the test plan, including its scope, objective, and schedule. Keep this one short and accurate, as you will proceed into further detail in upcoming segments of the test plan. The scope should contain the most important performance functions and a list of what the test plan will not subject to. A schedule describes a detail regarding the time estimation in which each phase of the test will be completed.

Test plan Schedule,Test Schedule, Test plan sample

Test Schedule

Write your Test Approach

A Test Approach includes the stages like Unit Testing, Integrated Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, and types of testing like GUI Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Configuration Testing, Installation Testing, Browser Testing, Regression Testing to be carried out throughout the Testing Phase.

Test Stages and Types

Test Stages and Types

Write a Section on Resource Estimation

This section will illustrate regarding estimation of resources to complete the testing. This will consist of hardware & software requirements, testing tools, and staffing & training requirements. When the consideration is done for your staff, make sure to feature the responsibilities required of each member and the training required for the proper execution of those responsibilities. The exact and accurate specifications of hardware and software should be assured.

test plan matrix,Matrix for Software, Hardware, Staffing and Training
Matrix for Software, Hardware, Staffing and Training

Include a Section on Risks & Mitigations, Issues, and Dependencies

Elaborate on all the components that your project depends on and the risks involved in each step, their impact on the testing progress, and their mitigation plan.

  • Issues: They are the flaws or diversions that have an unfavorable impact on the project, so they need to be considered and addressed.
  • Dependencies: These are the features or triggers that your project depends on or are a beneficiary of your project outcomes. It is important to list them down to avoid interference.
  • Risks: Events that can have an unfavorable impact on the project if they occur
  • Assumptions: Basically, the assumption can be anything you think to be right, but there is no guarantee of its happening. While a constraint is a limitation on you and your project. Assumptions and constraints can be anything related to budget, time, efforts, Human Resources, or any kind of functionality.
Test Plan Risk and Mitigations
Risks & Mitigations

List Your Strategy

It summaries the complete test strategy for your test plan, which will specify the conditions and processes applied to the tests. And it will consist of Acceptance criteria, Entry Criteria, and Exit Criteria. It will also include the Resumption Requirements and Suspension Criteria.

Acceptance Criteria Template
Acceptance Criteria Table

Write a Section On The Results of Your Project

This section will detail the Deliverables with the person responsible or the team involved, and the milestones achieved. The Approvers who will give the final Approval will also be specified.

Deliverables and Approvals Table

Deliverables and Approvals Table

How To Use Test Plan Word Template

  • Provide your project details like project name, date, version at the specified place.
  • Provide the Document details at their specified place.
  • Can add, edit or delete the contents according to your needs after downloading the template and saving it in your system. It is also highlighted in blue italics format where the content can be added.
  • There are specific tables for every section to make it easier for the Template user to fill in the details.
  • Fill in the tables according to their row and column headings.

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