Project Timeline Template Excel Download

by Elina D

Project Timeline

Very often, a project manager needs to quickly create a view. This exercise happens before the project manager starts the actual project plan, far more detailed.

Project Timeline

Single Project 

Single Project Timeline Template Excel

The Template can be used to list tasks for a single project.

  • Each task has a name, start end, and effort.
  • The start date uses the end date of the previous task. If you want a different start date, then just type the date into the cell.
  • The end date is calculated using the start and effort. Only weekdays are counted.
  • You can change the start date on the timeline and scale on the timeline in the config sheet.
  • Depending on the duration of your project, set the scale of the timeline. If your project is few weeks, then set the scale to 1 day. If it is log, then set it to 7 days or more.
  • Note that the bigger the scale lesser the accuracy of the start and end dates.

Multi Projects Timeline Template

Multiple Timeline MS Excel,Project Timeline Template Excel, multiple project timeline template excel
Multi Project
  • This template should be used for high-level planning for multiple projects.
  • Has all the features of one timeline, including the scale.
  • Displays up to five projects with—different colors.
  • Each Project can have a max of five tasks, so always list only the high-level tasks.

Manual Project Timeline Template 

Manual Timeline,Manual Timeline Excel, manual timeline template excel

  • Manually created by formatting cells and using simple sum formula.
  • It is very flexible and easy to create as you can add as many rows to depict different phases or tasks.

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