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July 20, 2015

Monthly Status Report Template PPT Download

The Monthly Status Report PPT Template can be used to provide a comprehensive update to the project team, business stakeholders, sponsors or senior management. A monthly report needs to be detailed hence the report covers the project team, project health card, schedule, financials, risks, and decisions. 
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Monthly Status Report Template PPT
Monthly Report Template

Monthly Report Template has the following sections –

  1. Project Team.
  2. Project News and Updates.
  3. Project Health Card.
  4. Schedule and Task Status.
  5. Project Financials.
  6. Project ChangeLog.
  7. Project Risks & Issues.
  8. Project Actions & Decisions.

Advantages of sending the monthly project status report - 

  1. Generally, the weekly status report is brief and does not give a project manager an opportunity to explain things in detail. A monthly report can be elaborate and detailed.
  2. Having a monthly report forces a stock tacking action from the project management perspective and helps in performing a review of the last month. A weekly status report focuses only on the last week.
  3. It allows the project manager to explain or highlight achievements or issues of the project team to the senior management.
  4. The monthly status report details all the risks, issues and change requests open which gives a clear of the project status to everyone. In a weekly status report, you can report only a few items.
  5. Project Budget can be explained and documented in detail. In deviations can also be documented for future references.
  6. The monthly report template can be used as a tracking document as it lists all the actions. Some of the actions could be assigned to senior management and this template can be used to track the progress.
  7. Sections like project news give the flexibility to a project manager to describe any activity which may not be part of the general project status update.
  8. As the report is PowerPoint based it can be easily used in presentations.

Project Team

  • The purpose of this section is to introduce the project team. 
  • If anyone has questions about who is working on the project then they can refer to this slide. 
  • It can also be used to indicate any changes in the project team on a monthly basis.
  • This slide contains Project Manager, Project Sponsor, Control Team and the Project Team.
Project Team Structure
Project Team

Project News and Updates

  • This section of the template should be used to publish the latest news on the project. 
  • Typical the news will consist of any major milestones accomplished, deadlines missed, major changes to the project scope, a brief update on task progress, mention of any major risks or issues affecting the project. 
  • The update should be in bullet points and should be as brief as possible.
  • This section is one of the most read sections so a project manager should cover all the key highlights of the project for management or business stakeholders.
  • This section of the template can also be used to provide updates about resourcing issues in the project.
Project News
Project News

Project Health Card 

  • The project health card gives an overall picture for all the key parameters of the project.
  • The overall project status is an indicator of the status of the entire project. 
  • Red means off track, Amber means needs attention, Green means all good.
  • The overall status can be just the project managers call or a rule which sets out the minimum number of Amber's or Red's that the project parameter has. 
  • For example, your organization may agree that if two parameters are red then the overall is red and 3 amber then overall is amber etc. 
  • With the status indicator, you should enter a brief note about the status. 
  • It is important to put a note especially when there is an issue with the project.
  • The management looks at the status of the project with interest as it can easily point out issues with the project.

Project Schedule and Tasks

  • The schedule and tasks section has two subsections - the top section to display the schedule and the second to give an update on the tasks.
  • The schedule section can have a high-level schedule or a detailed task table. Having a good visual Gantt makes it easy for the management to understand the project timeline.
  • Under the tasks section, you can update the task completed this month, tasks planned for next month and what tasks got delayed.
  • See How to create a Project Plan.
Project Timeline
Project Schedule and Tasks

Project Financials

  • The project financials section has two subsections - first the overall budget and second a monthly tracking.
  • The first section should detail the individual items with actual and planned. Any variance should be reported in the variance column.
  • The monthly tracking section allows everyone a view of how the project budget is tracking on monthly basis.
  • Tracking the project budget on a monthly basis is a good practice as it will tell the project manager and the management how the monthly expenses are being managed.
  • Typically you would have Resourcing Costs, Software Costs, Hardware Costs, and Other Costs.
  • Calculate Budget using MS Excel.

Project Financials
Project Financials

Project Change Log

  • Reviewing project changelog is a good practice and by including it in the status report everyone can be informed about the change requests pending.
  • The project change log section includes total change requests logged, open change requests and how many were approved.
  • The section should also list all the open change requests and the list can come from the changelog or change register. THIS IS A MUST.
  • It may also be advisable to add additional details of individual change requests so that if the management needs to make the decision then the information is readily available.
  • Download Change Log and Change Request Template.

Project Change Log
Project Change Log

Project Risks and Issues

  • All the stakeholders should be aware of ALL THE OPEN risks and issues regardless of the severity or priority or impact hence this should be included in the monthly report template.
  • Everyone related to the project should be aware of all the open issues and risks.
  • The section contains two columns for risks and issues. For both risks and issues the total number of open risks/issues, the total number of medium open risks/issues and total risks/issues which were logged this month.
  • The slide should also contain the list of OPEN risks and issues from the risk register. 
  • Learn Project Risks Management with Excel Risk Register.

Project Risks and Issues
Risks and Issues

Project Actions and Decisions

  • The actions and decision section allows a project manager to report which action is pending and which decisions were made. 
  • The section lists the action items and decisions open. It also lists actions and decisions which are overdue making the management aware of the items pending with them.
  • The key thing to note is that actions and decisions have an overdue need to be action-ed ASAP.
  • If there are too many decision then you can add a slide for decisions in the monthly report template.
  • The action items and decisions can be coming from other meetings. See How to Write Effective Meeting Minutes & Download Free Templates.

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