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August 16, 2015

Weekly Status Report Format Excel Download

Weekly Report Template

Reporting project status every week is a known practice for project managers. The weekly project status report excels template has a project health card, project schedule, project financials and shows the Top 5 items pending. Weekly Status Report Format allows a project manager to report all the project updates in detail.
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weekly report template, weekly status report format in excel
Weekly Status Report Format

Project Health Card for the Weekly Status Report

  • The project health card provides a quick overview of all the key project health parameters.
  • The project health card also allows the project to set an overall project health status.
  • Each parameter or attribute has a status and description. 
  • You can add or remove any of the project parameters as you wish.
Weekly Status Report Format Excel
Project Health Card

Project Schedule

  • The project schedule in the weekly status report format displays the key project tasks in a tabular format. 
  • The weekly status report format allows to define task name, start, finish, progress, projected date, and concerns.
  • The projected date is the expected date for the completion of that task. The Finish date should not be changed after the project plan is baselined. If you keep changing the finish date, then you will know how much the actual task slipped.

project schedule
Project Schedule

Project Financials

  • The weekly status report template provides a basic way of sharing project financials.
  • The table has item descriptions, planned to spend, actual spend, and variance.
  • The variance is auto-calculated and highlighted.
project financials, report format
Project Financials

Top Items Pending

  • This section of the weekly status report format displays the key pending items. 
  • The items can be risks, issues, decisions, dependencies, change requests, or actions requiring attention.
  • Each item has a type, description, status, owner, and due date.
  • It also displays the overall count for risks, issues, decisions, actions, changes, and dependencies.
weekly status report format, project pending items, weekly status report template excel
Project Pending Items

Note: There is a data-sheet in the report, which can be used to configure status, items and define several risks, issues, and other items open. Also, consider the following templates - Monthly Status Report Template or Multiple Project Status Report.

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