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Project Plans – 22 templates
Business Analysis – 17 templates
Agile Templates – 16 templates
Task Management - 13 templates
Meetings – 11 templates
Timelines – 10 templates
Risk& Change – 9 templates
PMO – 10 templates
Project Dashboards – 9 templates
Project Heatmaps – 4 templates
Project Budget – 4 templates
Project Closure – 4 templates

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Free Task Management Templates

Excel is a popular tool for task tracking as it provides an easy to use interface and a can be used in a column or matrix structure to track tasks. In this article we will share the different free task management templates which we have designed.

Free Task Management Templates
Free Task Management Templates
This simple excel task management template uses 3 -4 columns to track all the tasks. It also uses conditional formatting so that you can highlight task status. Download our simple Excel Based Task List Template.

Daily Task Tracker Template

Daily Task Tracker

This simple daily excel task tracker template is very handy as it provides a dashboard view of different categories you worked on the day. It also has an easy button click option to create a separate tab for each day.  Daily Work Log Tracker

Excel Task Management Dashboard

Task Management Dashboard

At times you will need a clear view of the tasks pending and which resource is not performing. This excel task tracker comes with a built dashboard which shows tasks pending for each resource and also gives a view of which tasks are pending, delayed or concern. Excel Task Management with Free Dashboard.

Excel Tracker with SLA Tracking

SLA Based Task Tracker Excel
SLA Based Task Tracker Excel

This excel task tracker provides the ability to setup SLAs for your tasks. It also provides a clear view of what task is assigned to which resource. You can use this task tracker to track tasks with fixed time for the team. SLA Based Task Tracker Template

Monthly Excel Task Planner

Monthly Excel Task Planner
Monthly Excel Task Planner

When managing a small team it is vital that a manager has all the tools required to do capacity or workload planning. This template which is calendar based allows resource planning for the team by using a matrix of resources, dates and tasks. View our Monthly Task Planner for Teams.

Task Priority Excel Template

Task Priority Matrix
Task Priority Matrix
To prioritize tasks is one of the common responsibilities of any manager. This task prioritization excel matrix helps the managers to prioritize as they can assign task a priority level of high, medium or low. See our Task Priority Management Matrix Template

Excel To Do List Template

Excel To Do List
Excel To Do List

The excel to do list is specifically designed for project managers. It has features which help a PM manage tasks. It highlights tasks when they are about to get delayed, has dashboard view and auto sorting which bring the tasks expiring on the top. Excel To Do List Template for Project Managers.

Task Allocation Sheet from MS Project

MS Project Excel Task List
MS Project Excel Task List
MS Project is a top choice for project managers. It is handy to have a way of exporting tasks to excel. This article explains how you can export MS Project tasks to an excel spreadsheet. Excel To Do List Template for Project Managers.

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