Team Resource Plan Excel Template Free Download

Every team manager wants to be informed about what his or her team is working on. The team resource plan excel template will help a team manager to assign team members to multiple projects. It provides a clear view of team allocations.

Team Resource Plan Excel Template
Team Resource Plan Excel Template

About the the Team Resource Plan Excel Template

  • Can be used to maintain resource allocations for team.
  • Plan is on a daily basis and allocations can be done up to 60 days.

  • Each resource can be allocated up to 5 projects.
  • Each project is assigned a different color. 
  • Projects names can be changed but not the color or serial number order.

How to use the Team Resource Plan Excel

  • Enter the Resource Name in the Resource column.
  • In the ID column enter the project ID (It is the No in the against the Project in the Project tab). 
  • An "X"denotes an allocation. Depending on the project selected the color of the cell will be highlighted, 
  • An "L"denotes a leave and will be highlighted in red.
  • To update the project names see project list on project tab. Please see below image. In the image the column No is the project ID.
Team Resource Plan Excel Template

Click Here to Download the Team Resource Plan Excel Template

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