5 Top PowerPoint Project Dashboard Templates - Download

by Nash V

Powerpoint Dashboard Template

MS Office PowerPoint is a preferred to build dashboards of any kind. PowerPoint combines the ability of combing data and graphics in a way that can be used to show key information in a summarized fashion. PowerPoint dashboard templates are best to communicate KPI's.

Project Dashboard Template-PPT
Project Dashboard Template-PPT

Why Use PowerPoint Project Dashboards?

  • PowerPoint which is part of MS Office suite provides an easy way of designing dashboards.
  • PowerPoint provides tables, graphs, shapes, smart art etc. which make it easy to visualize project KPIs.
  • PPT can be easily converted into other formats and published online. Can also be used to be displayed on big screens.
  • You can embed charts from other MS Office sources like Excel.
  • All organizations use projects to get the required changes done with its resources. Overtime projects status reporting has become extremely important.
  • Senior management is heavily reliant on status reports to measure how the company is performing.
  • Status reports tend to have detailed information for someone who wants to just understand the bottlenecks for a project. Project Dashboards provide an easy and informative way of showing project KPIs.
  • Project Dashboards can be built using MS Excel, PowerPoint or some of them can be built using tools in the cloud.

What Should a PowerPoint Dashboard Contain?

Among the basic details about the project a dashboard should be able to clearly communicate the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of the project.

The KPI can include a project schedule which shows how the project is progressing and will it complete on time as per the plan. The schedule can be reported as a set of tasks or can be simply reported a % complete. The Schedule can also be reported a timeline which has the start and end dates of all the high-level projects phases.

The Project budget is a KPI which is a must on any status or dashboard. Typically, everyone wants to know how money does the project have, how much is spent and how much remains. Sometimes it helps to also report on the subcategories on the project budget - Resources, Software, Hardware etc. Including a budget meter is also helpful as that will tell the management that budget is an issue.

Risks and Issues should part of any status reporting including dashboards. It is important to report the number of risks and issues open with their severity. For example, you could have 10 risks or issues open but if they are all low category then you might scare people unnecessarily. You can also simply report top 3 risks or issues.

A lot of pending actions or change requests can also derail a project easily. It is a good idea to have a total count of change requests or action items pending. Too many pending actions or change can indicate that a project is in trouble.

PowerPoint Dashboard Templates

Project Management Dashboard

Project Management Dashboard

Project Management Dashboard which shows all the key KPI for a project including schedule, budget, risks/issues and a time for the project. Project Management Dashboard PPT Template

Portfolio Dashboard

Portfolio Dashboard

This dashboard contains a timeline for Multiple Projects, the budget for entire portfolio and then a RAG status on schedule, budget, risks, and issues for each of the single projects in the portfolio. Multiple Project Dashboard Template.

Project Dashboard Multiple Projects

Project Dashboard Multiple Projects

This dashboard uses additional visual aids to show the status of multiple projects. It also contains all the KPIs for any projects status reporting. It can handle up to 5 projects. Multiple Project PowerPoint Dashboard.

Executive Dashboard PPT Template

Executive Dashboard PPT 

The Executive Dashboard  PPT is meant to be used for reporting portfolio status to report higher management. The executive dashboard has been designed to provide only the key info which is enough for decision making. Executive PowerPoint Dashboard.

Project Health Card

Project Health Card

The Project Health Card PPT Template is a one-page simple report which uses traffic lights to show the status of the project's health, It has an overall project status and individual KPI statues. 

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