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Project Management Dashboard Templates

Agile Project Management Dashboard 

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Agile Project Management Dashboard, agile project dashboard template
Agile Project Management Dashboard
One of the key challenges for any project manager responsible for an agile project reports the right picture of the project progress. Because of multiple sprints, involved stakeholders may not be able to see a forward view of the project. Download the Agile Project Management Dashboard.

Executive Dashboard PowerPoint Template

executive dashboard template, ppt dashboard
Executive Dashboard PPT Template
Executive Management always likes an update at a high level. They do not have the time to get involved in details. Designed to provide a high-level overview projects completed, in flight and pipeline projects. This dashboard will give the executive management a birds-eye view of the entire project portfolio for 3 quarters. 

Issue Tracking Heat Map Excel Dashboard Template

Issue Tracking Heat Map Dashboard, issue tracking heat map template
Issue Tracking Heat Map
Heat maps provide a simple and effective way of communicating the status of tasks, issues or project module . In this article, we will look at two types of heat map dashboards - List and high-level dashboards. Download Issue Heat Map Dashboard.

Project Dashboard for Multiple Projects PowerPoint Template

project dashboard for multiple projects, dashboard for multiple project tracking
Project Dashboard for Multiple Projects
When managing multiple projects it always challenging to give all your stakeholders or senior management a view of the current status of the project. This dashboard provides a way showing your portfolio status in a graphical fashion. Download Multiple Project Dashboard.

Team Status Dashboard using Excel and PowerPoint

team status dashboard, status dashboard template
Team Status Dashboard
As a team leader, it is important that you are able to effectively communicate the status of the tasks for your team. Providing transparency on the resource plan for your teams helps you to manage your stakeholders effectively. Download Team Status Dashboard.

Project Portfolio Excel Dashboard Template

project portfolio excel dashboard template
Project Portfolio Dashboard
The dashboard template built in excel allows a project manager to provide an effective update on a portfolio of projects. The dashboard covers the project roadmap, project health, financials, resource allocation, and risk meter. Download Project Portfolio Dashboard Template.

Portfolio Dashboard PowerPoint Template 

portfolio dashboard powerpoint template, project portfolio dashboard
Portfolio Dashboard Template
When you are managing multiple projects it's always a challenge to report the current status in a quick and easy format. This project portfolio dashboard will allow you report status on multiple projects. Download the portfolio power point dashboard.

Project Management PowerPoint Dashboard 

project dashboard template, project management powerpoint dashboard
Project Management Dashboard
A project management dashboard is a handy tool for any project manager to give the project status in a snapshot. A dashboard should be able to convey the status of key project parameters visually. This dashboard can be used for status updates with senior management or directors don't have time to go through the details. Download Dashboard.

Project Management Excel Dashboard

project management dashboard excel template, excel dashboard
Project Management Dashboard
Project Management Dashboard Excel Template aids a project manager by visualizing the critical success factors for a project. It can also be used to report status to senior level management who do not have the time to read a detailed project status report. Download the PM Dashboard Excel Template.

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