Excel Task Tracker Dashboard Template

by Elina D

Task Tracker

This excel task management dashboard and tracker can be used to manage a set of tasks. The dashboard graphs show 3 key areas of tracking - Task Information, Status, and Resource Load.

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Excel Task Management Dashboard

Advantages And Features Of Excel Task Management Dashboard

  • Track status based on % complete.
  • Highlights overdue and complete tasks for better visualization of problem tasks.
  • Can handle a list of 20 pre-defined holidays. Holidays are reduced from the duration.
  • Calculates % Complete Forecast based on start and finish dates.
  • The end date is auto-calculated based on the start date and duration of the tasks.
  • Provides a high-level graphical view of information, status, and resource load.
  • Task Information Graphs show the following breakup - Total, Not Started, In-Progress, Complete and Overdue.
  • Task Status shows the breakup for the On track, Concern, and Delayed.
  • Resource Load refers to visualizing the allocation of team members' time and tasks over a period. It displays the distribution of workload across individuals, allowing for efficient resource management and scheduling.

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Some Key Points About Statues

  • Progress is reported based on the difference between Actual % Complete and Forecast % Complete.
  • A task is highlighted as green in the progress column if it is on track. So, the % complete should be equal to or greater than the forecast % complete.
  • Highlighted as amber when progress is less than 5% behind schedule. So, the delay should be between 1 - 5%.
  • Highlighted as red when the task is delayed by more than 5% complete.
  • Highlighted as overdue when the end date has passed, and it is not complete.
  • Highlighted as complete if the actual % complete is 100%.

How To Use The Dashboard Template

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How to use the task tracker and dashboard

Step 1: In the sheet's data tab, define the resource names and public holidays in your region.

Step 2: Create the task by copying an existing row. You must copy the existing row so that the formulas get copied.

Step 3: Add the basic details like Sl. No, Task, Resource Name/Assigned (dropdown), and Project Name.

Step 4 (Key Step): Enter ONLY the start date and the duration.

End date, Forecast Complete %, Progress, Overdue and complete column will be auto-populated. DON'T CHANGE THE VALUES IN THE COLUMNS WITH BLUE HEADINGS.

Once the basic steps are complete, steps 2,3, and 4 will have to be repeated regularly. It is recommended that you update Actual % Complete regularly so that the charts will give the latest status. Please see the below image for different types of charts in the dashboard.

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Task Information, Task Status, and Resource Load Charts

Now Some Limitations Of This Template.

  • Cannot handle individual resource holidays.
  • Can handle up to 10 resource names and 20 public holidays.
  • With so many columns easy to override the values in the columns with formulas.
  • No data validations on any columns.
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