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What is a project status report?

A project status report is a formal document used for communicating the current state or station of a given project for the period being reported (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

Normally, a project status report will contain a brief update summary, Key Performance Indicators of the project, details about what was achieved last week and what is the plan for next week, risks and issues faced. Now we review in detail what information should be contained within the project status report.

The project status report is sent weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to the key stakeholders of the project including project sponsor and senior management.

Project Status Timeline
Project Status Timeline

Project Update Summary

  • The project update summary should contain a brief update about how the project is progressing.
  • This summary is generally for high level management and executives.  
  • The update summary should in brief cover all the key KPI of the project and highlights if there any issues.  
  • Generally, people will read the summary to make a decision if they need to continue reading rest of the status update.
  • The update should mention any new change requests, delays, external factors or resourcing issues that affect the project.
  • Providing information on recently achievements milestones or missed milestones can also be included. 

Reporting Project KPI

  • A status report should cover Schedule, Budget, Risks, Issues and Benefits among other KPI.
  • Any easy and effective way of covering KPIs is to use traffic lights for reporting.
  • A KPI which is green indicates that everything is on track for that aspect of the project.
  • Amber indicates that there is a potential that tasks could get delayed.
  • Red means the task is delayed and with impacts on the project timeline.
  • When anything is amber or red it is best to have a explanation as to what was done or will be done to overcome the issue.
  • Senior management always like to know what effort was put in by the project manager to either avoid the situation or resolve it.
  • Typically all the project KPI are reported together so that the management can get quick view of how the project is tracking.

Project Schedule  

  • Even though project schedule is part of the Project KPI it needs a separate mention as everyone is interested in the key dates of the projects.
  • The project schedule should contain the high level phases of the project. Typically, it would be 4 -5 phases max.
  • For each phase within the project we should have start date, end date, progress(%) and status.
  • The status should be Red, Green or Amber and should follow the same rules mentioned in the KPI section.
  • It is advisable to have the key milestones in the schedule so that people will know the key dates for milestones. 
Project Status KPI
Project KPI

Budget Information

  • Like project schedule budget is also a KPI but because of its importance should be reported separately.
  • For project budget the following values are reported – Forecast and Actual.
  • Forecast is the project cost that was estimated at the beginning of the project.
  • Actual cost is the total money already spent on the project so far.
  • In some case break up on the costs are also reported for instances Resource Costs, Software Costs, Other Costs etc. 

Work plan or WBS

  • Project status report should have information on what tasks were completed and what are planned for next week.
  • The information about task details should be part of Work Break Down Structure within  your WBS Plan.
  • The tasks information can be reported in 3 categories for the reported period – Tasks Planned, Tasks Completed and Tasks Not Completed.
  • It is also important to clearly highlight tasks which were not completed on time. This information is particularly important to managers and leaders who want to know how their staff is performing. 

Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies

  • Highlighting the key risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies is also one of the main purpose of the status reporting.
  • It is recommended that only top 2 -3 RAID items be included so that the status report does not have too much information.
  • Each of the RAID items should have owner, severity and status.
  • The owner is the person who owns the item, severity tells us the impact the item has on project and status can be WIP, Closed or Open.
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Project Status Report Templates

Project Status Report Template Word
One Page Project Status Report

Weekly Status Report Template
Weekly Status Report

Excel Status Report
Excel Status Report

Status Report PPT Template
Status Report PPT

Status Template Monthly
Comprehensive Multiple Slide Project Status Report

One Page MS Project Report
One Page MS Project Status Report

Project Dashboard Excel Template
Project Management Dashboard

Project Management PowerPoint Dashboard
Project Management PowerPoint Dashboard

Team Status Report PPT Template
Team Status Report Template PPT

Multiple Project Report Template
Multiple Project Status Report Template

Word Status Report
Word Status Report

Agile Project Status Report Template
Agile Project Status Report Template

If you are looking at using email for project status update then it is recommended to see our Project Status Updates using Email. If you are looking for a daily status update excel or word template then have a look at Daily Status Update Excel Template.


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