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Project Management Templates are very handy when starting a project. The templates allow a project manager to get a jump start and hit the ground running. 

Project Status Report Templates

Project status reports are the most commonly used templates in the project management space. Project status reports are generally sent on a weekly basis to all the stakeholders and senior management involved in the project. Basic version of the status report.

One page project status reports built using Word, Excel and PowerPoint are ideal to be used on a weekly basis. The one page project status report templates can be updated quickly and cover the key project KPIs which include schedule, budget, risks, issues etc.

The daily status report template is useful when providing updates on a daily basis. Weekly Status Report Excel using Excel is bit more comprehensive with charts. The monthly project status report template is very detailed and can be used to for monthly updates to stakeholders or senior management.

MS Project reports can be used to generate status reports for single and multiple projects. Because these templates are built using MS Project reports the initial effort to setup the templates is high but once done they can be generated quickly reducing the effort for project management.

Also, you can send status update via email using the email status update template. Check out our team status reports.

Excel Resource Management and Planning Templates

Excel Capacity Planner
Excel Capacity Planner
Resource Management is a fundamental task in any organisation. Making optimal utilization of resources is a top priority for any organisation and its management. 

Excel is a top choice when it comes to resource management because it is a natural fit with rows and columns. I have a range of resource management templates with basic resource plan and advanced resource plan. Both the resource management templates are built using excel.

The excel capacity planner is designed to aid with capacity planning for a team or entire organisation. The capacity planner allows the planing team to create a draft timeline of the projects and the skills required and then compare it to the existing resource pool.

Sometimes the resource planning needs are simple and will not require complex templates. The Excel Resource Matrix and PowerPoint Resource Planing Templates can be used for small teams which do not need complex resource planning.

Project Managers need to do resource planing at a project level. The resource planning at this level is much more detailed and needs a separate mention and template.  The project resource management plan can be used to plan project resources. Similarly, a the team resource management plan can be used at a team level. This template can used by the team managers or leaders. Some of the project managers like to use the detailed MS Word resource management plan.

Registers and Logs Templates

Registers and Logs Templates
Excel Risk Register
Risk and Change Management are needed for any type of project. Risk Register Excel Template captures the key information about the project risks. The Change Management Templates allow a project manager to capture and effectively manage change requests within a project.

Decision and Issue Management are key components of project management. The Excel Decision Log and Excel Issue Log Template are very useful in managing project decisions and issues.

Project Dashboard Templates

Project Dashboard Templates
Project Dashboard Templates
Project Dashboards provide an excellent way of providing status updates of projects. Not only are they easy to build they can be very informative to the reader. Both Excel and PowerPoint allow project dashboard to be built. Use this Executive Dashboard.

In the project excel dashboard category I have quite a few dashboard. The Basic Excel Project Dashboard Template can be used to capture information about key project KPIs.  The Excel Portfolio Dashboard Template can be used to display status of multiple projects. PPT Dashboard for Multiple Projects.

Similar, to excel we also have PowerPoint Project Dashboard and PowerPoint Portfolio Dashboard. The team status report dashboard can be used to display the status of team activities. The project heat map excel template provides an easy way of displays the problem areas for projects.

If you are looking for a cloud based software for project dashboard they you should the article for Project Management Dashboard with Cloud Based Software.

Project Timeline Templates

Project Timeline Templates
Project Timeline Templates
Project timelines provide a very convenient way of  explaining the different phases in the project. A variety of tools can be used to generate project timelines. Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project provide fantastic tools to create project timelines.

Excel Project Timeline allows you  to create a project time for single and multiple projects.  For multiple projects you can use Multiple Project Timeline and Multiple Project with Status Update Timeline

If you are looking for single project timeline then Project Timeline Template will be a good fit. MS Project allows creation of timelines which can then used in emails or presentations.

  1. One page project manager excel template - Download.
  2. Task Management Excel Template - Download.
  3. Task Management Excel Dashboard - Download.
  4. Task Allocation Sheet from MS Project - Download.

Project Initiation & Other Templates

  1. Project Proposal Word Template - Download.
  2. Project Kick Off PowerPoint Template - Download.
  3. Minutes of Meeting Excel and Word Template - Download.
  4. IT Project Plan Template - Download.
  5. Sample Project Plan Template - Download.
  6. Simple Project Budget Template Excel - Download.

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