March 02, 2015

Excel Project Management Templates : Over 100 Free Downloads

Project Initiation Templates

During initiation, you create an overview of the project as well as a strategy for securing its success. 
  • Importance – If this phase is not handled correctly, the rest of the project management life cycle will suffer or even fail.
  • Roles – At the very least, you will need a project manager. You may also require other subordinate roles depending on the scope of the project.  
  • Activities - Appoint a project manager, Appoint subordinate roles as necessary, Create the over and strategy, Decide what technology/resources will be required.

Project Planning Templates

Now you must take your plan and break it down into individual steps. It is essential that you not try to attack a project all at once. 
  • The importance – Groups often fail or fall short of their projects’ aims because they didn’t have a detailed plan of attack. Your strategy from the last step will be of no use if you don’t plot out each step of it.
  • Roles - Project Manager, Sponsor and key stakeholders.
  • Activities - Create a detailed plan that covers the aforementioned strategy from step one. Do a risk assessment of your plan. Define what criteria must be present for the result to be considered a success.

Project Plan Templates

Starting a project plan with a template allows a project manager to deliver faster and also ensure that the project plan covers all the key tasks. Here we offer simple and complex project plans in excel and MS Project.
  1. Excel Project Plans with Gantt Chart
  2. Excel Project Plan
  3. Simple Excel Project Plan Template
  4. Software Project Sample Plan
  5. SAP Project Plan Template
  6. Payroll Implementation Plan

Project Timeline Templates

Project timelines provide a very convenient way of  explaining the different phases in the project. A variety of tools can be used to generate project timelines. Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project provide fantastic tools to create project timelines.
  1. Project Timeline with Excel
  2. Multiple Project Timeline Template
  3. Roadmap Template in PowerPoint

Resource and Capacity Management Templates

Resource Management is a fundamental task in any organisation. Making optimal utilization of resources is a top priority for any organisation and its management. 
Types of resource management plans include basic excel plans, resource matrix, advanced resource plans, capacity planner, project, team resource and capacity planner.

Project Budget and Cost Management

Project Execution Templates

In this step of your project management cycle process, you are applying the detailed plan. 
  • The importance – This is the culmination of the last two steps. Your success will come down to how well you execute your plan and remain aware of certain constraints like cost, time and performance. 
  • Roles - Project Manager and Project Team.
  • Activities - Build the team, Perform the required work, Produce necessary deliverable (e.g. the credentials for success), Documents that should be delivered and This step should result in the deliverable for which your project was designed.

Task Management

Task Management is an activity which can be done in projects or day to day team tasks. Here we provide templates which will help project managers and team leaders equally when it comes to task management.

Project Trackers and Gantt Chart Templates

Tracking project progress is a routine activity for any PM. Below are some of best templates for project tracking and Gantt charts.

MS Project Templates

MS Project or MPP sample templates for project plans and tracking.

Project Dashboard Templates

Project Dashboards are a common and easy way displaying project status or issues. Types include simple, portfolio, heat map, team status, multiple and single projects, executive dashboards.
  1. Simple Excel Project Management Dashboard
  2. Project Management PPT Dashboard
  3. Portfolio Dashboard Excel Template
  4. Portfolio Dashboard PPT Template
  5. Team Status Dashboard using Excel and PPT
  6. Multiple Project Dashboard
  7. Executive Dashboard using PPT
  8. Project Heat Map

Project Status Report Templates

Status reports are a key part of project management. Below are the different types of status reports.  Types of status report are simple and basic template, one page word, excel, PPT, monthly, team status report, MS Project Status Report, multiple project status reports.
  1. One Page Weekly Word Status Report Template.
  2. Excel Project Status Report Template
  3. PowerPoint(PPT) Status Report Template
  4. Monthly Project Status Report Template PPT
  5. Detailed Version of Weekly Excel Project Status Report
  6. Multiple Project Status Report Template Excel Template
  7. Team Status Report PPT Template
  8. Email Status Update Template
  9. Agile Project Status Report Template
  10. RAG Status Reporting Template Excel
  11. QA Status Report Template Excel

Agile Project Management Templates

Agile has become the norm in this time. Having a set a agile templates will help any project manager to get a head start on the projects. In our Agile Tool Kit we have Sprint planning, product backlog, dashboard, sprint capacity planning and agile project plans to start with. It is important that these templates be used after reading our basis of agile project management.
  1. Sprint Planning and Tracking Excel Template
  2. Excel Product Backlog
  3. Agile Project Management Dashboard
  4. Sprint Capacity Planning Excel Template
  5. Agile Project Plan Template
  6. Sprint Retrospective PPT Template
  7. Scrum Meetings Best Practices
  8. Scrum Board in Agile Project Management
Free Project Management Templates
Free Project Management Templates

Registers and Logs Templates

Every project needs registers and logs for maintenance. Types of templates include risk, change and decision registers.
  1. Risk Register Excel Template 
  2. Change Management Templates 
  3. Excel Decision Log 
  4. Excel Issue Log Template 
  5. Project Benefits Excel Register
  6. Stakeholder Register Excel Template
  7. QA Defect Tracker with Dashboard
  8. Root Cause Analysis Template
  9. Action Plan Template Excel
  10. Daily Work Log Template
  11. Action Item Tracker Excel Template
  12. RAID Log Template Excel
  13. Employee Skills Matrix

Project Closure Templates

This final step can be seen as a way of preparing for the next project. You are looking back on the effectiveness of these last three steps and drawing out relevant lessons for the future. 
  • The importance – Although it’s easy to overlook this step of the project management life cycle, it will have a huge impact on how effective your attempts are in the future. Closure is also about returning resources so that other groups are able to access them. 
  • Roles - An administrator tasked with recording the project and any relevant lessons 
  • Activities - Transferring deliverable to the next group or customer, Relinquishing resources to other projects/groups, Recording lessons learned for future use and Closing out any administrative elements.
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